P10 full color outdoor display With luminum modules


Seven advantages of aluminum modules for the outdoor led displays of P10 SMD screen
1, Thin and light design:
    Module thinnest thickness is 8mm, the maximum thickness is 18mm, module weighs only 280g, only Ordinary LED module weight 3/5 (Normal 460g);
2, Mask permanent deformation:
    Full aluminum mask with a special force design and aluminum metal surface coating treatment can mask the sun Light exposure and kept hot and cold punch decade no distortion, no fade, no aging, to ensure long-lasting perfect display effect, Toru Bottom eradicate the traditional side of the plastic deformation of the mask angle a "mosaic" of the defect;
3, High brightness and easy installation:
    7000cd per square , clearly visible in direct sunlight, can be completed within 1 minute The entire screen into any cabinet replacement;
4, The module has "an immersion" super reliable waterproofing effect:
    Our Outdoor SMD display a number of unique Waterproof technology can do, "immersion" waterproofing effect, and in the winter and hot and cold under repeated impact without cracking, no infiltration Water.
    All aluminum modular housing design, the entire responsibility for the aluminum internally by aluminum heat and water, after the termination module by column Also equipped with a rain cover made of precision grinding, coupled with the unique low-pin SMD waterproof sealant so easy to implement Now, with the aluminum structure makes SMD Lamp six faces were all sealant, with "can soak" type of waterproof effect
5, Aluminum modules unique thermal design:
    Aluminum module has six radiating surface, the entire module is a big shell Aluminum radiator, the heat generated by the module directly dissipated, without built-in fan forced cooling cabinet. With the same specifications Screen at full brightness when comparing our non-built-in fan inside the box cooler than a box with a fan forced cooling is lower 10 ℃ Above; isolated in energy while harmful gases on the erosion of electronic components inside the box, the screen more long electrical system Stable operation for a long time.
6, A higher level of three heavy protection, dust, water, fire:
    Use all-aluminum modular technology, the IC and PCB Design with hidden solve the traditional PCB circuit board and IC defects exposed three anti-poor, all-aluminum module protection Grade can reach IP66, fire can reach B1 level.
7, More energy efficient: 
    The traditional products of single module current is 5.5-6A, our aluminum module is 4.8A, without increasing the Renhe Cheng The conditions than ordinary products to save at least 12% of electricity, while saving power.
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