Small pixel led display is getting popular with no harm


Small pixel led displays are welcome in a number of occasions by people of all ages because of its unique high brightness, wide color gamut, high contrast and other advantages, however, the small pixel led display light to human eye bio-security issues have also to be taken into attention. HSTV find an evidence to tell the small pixel led display is not harmful to eyesight, see as below:

Chinese Institute of Metrology took accordance with the existing international standards, measured the bio-security of a p1.67 led display from both the blue light hazards to retina and the thermal hazards, and took comparison with a plasma TV and a LCD TV.

Test results show that, at the same brightness and white field conditions, although the peak brightness of the fine led display is higher than the other two samples in blue band, but its narrow band characteristics resulting weighted scored retinal hazard index not higher than plasma TV and LCD TV. The retina bio-security measured data has no significant differences between the three displays, the led display measurement results even better than the other two displays.

Whats should be keep in mind is that any display can cause permanent eye damage if keeping long-term view on the screen, thus, no matter what form of display is used, the audiences should pay attention to eye health and maintain good habits with the eyes. Work and rest combined is the best way to protect their eyesight.
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