Small pitch led display keeps growing in the advertising


Small pitch LED display has been a focus in LED industry in recent years, thus it becomes the main force to promote the market. Small pitch LED display carries its own characteristics of high definition, legerity and agility, and small possessed space when uninstalling. So Far, small pitch LED display has been mainly used in business, such as conference rooms in enterprises, schools, and used to meed the demands of information presentation in other educational institutions.

Small pitch LED display attracts more and more users in various fields with its outstanding features. Since small pitch LED display made its debut in the market, this kind of LED display has successfully aroused widespread concerns. As the new emerging force in LED display industry, small pitch LED display showed the world an explosive growth with comparatively high sales volume. For example, sales of small pitch display reached over 200 million RMB in 2012, and 800 million RMB in 2013, which is four times of the sales volume in 2012.

Although small pitch LED display enjoys an increasing sales, and the techniques are being steadily improved, can small LED display keep growing and maintain the consumption focus in LED industry is what insiders concerns.

When it comes to the development prospect of small pitch LED display, HTL, which is a LED display manufacturer holds that small pitch LED display is a promising product among all the products in this filed. Since the techniques of LED display has reached a high level, HSTV thinks that consumers of small pitch LED display will shift their focuses to its size, structure, display performance optimization, standardization and also the combination between small pitch LED display and AR, VR, and also 3D technology.
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