The possible reasons for LED driver failures for the screen


Basically speaking the core function of LED drive is to transfer the input AC voltage source into output current source which follows Vf forward voltage drop changes. As the key component for LED display products, LED drive quality of the led screens will directly affect the display reliability and stability. We, based on related technologies and applications, lists the to possible reasons for LED drive failure:

1. Ignore the LED lamp Vf variation range and result led lamps low efficiency and even unstable performance.
2. Ignore the power margin and derating requirement.
3. Have poor knowledge about LED display operation characteristics.
4. Unauthorized use of coupling voltage regulator for LED drive power supply during testing
5. Don’t use specified electric loading for LED drive testing
6. Following situation will result in LED drive damage:
AC is connected to LED drive DC output interface caused LED drive failure;
AC is connected to DC/DC drive input or output interface caused LED drive failure;

Constant current output is connected to adjustable light received caused LED drive failure;
The phase line is connected to ground caused LED drive has no output.
7. Outdoor projects usually use three phase four wire system, wrong phase connection results LED drive failure.
8. Grid fluctuation range beyond reasonable margin caused LED drive failure.
9. Frequent tripping circuit caused LED drive failure.
10 poor heat emission caused LED drive failure.
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