led strip curtain screens are hitting street to advertise


Led strip curtain display screen is mainly suitable install on high building external glass wall, roof of building and shop window showcase. These led display modules feature excellent transparency, light transmission and ultra-lightweight. With the simply install structure and fantastic appearance, they are very popular by customer and made excellent advertising effect.

Perfect display effect

The display image of outdoor led strip curtain display is vivid and live. The brightness can automatic adjust according to the using environment.

outdoor advertising display LED Waterproof Screen

Ultra-thin and light structure design with high transparency, automatic cooling without air conditioner.

Ultra-light structure significantly reduces the weight of cabinet, which is easy for installation, maintenance and transportation. Lightweight led curtain display screen can be installed on glass wall directly and the transparency rate is up to 80% which is good for sunshine and wind pass through.

Save time and labor cost

Simple install structure can be set up very fast which save time and labor cost.

HD outdoor LED Display strip curtain led advertising displays

Low power consumption saves energy

Average power consumption is 150w/sqm .Ultra-low running power consumption saves energy for you. No fans design makes noise free.

Compare with traditional led screen on roof

Outdoor SMS led strip curtain led display suitable used in the places with strong wind Ultra-Lightweight structure and anti-wind feature ensure its safety even in typhoon weather. The safety of traditional led display in typhoon weather is not good enough.

outdoor advertising display LED Waterproof Screen

Compare with normal led display installed on external wall

Led strip curtain led display not only features lightweight structure but also has beautiful appearance which can be installed on the wall without any change. The weight of normal led display is heavy which need to change the wall structure to support it.

Install on building external glass wall

Architectural contour and wall structure does not to be changed due to its lightweight and hollow design. It is also good for lighting. Normal led display screen need to make install structure and will break the structure of building.

HD outdoor LED Display strip curtain led advertising displays

Compare with outdoor advertising screen

Outdoor SMD led strip curtain display can be installed directly on original structure and fast set up. Traditional normal outdoor display need to make extra steel structure to fixed which will cost you more on structure.

Top protect level ensure led curtain display run well in different using environments.

Adopt quality material which ensures the led curtain display features waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, wind-resistant. No easy failure part ensures stable running and long life span. The conversion power supply is also become higher.

High-Quality LED Screen Cheap Price LED Display


Outdoor SMD led strip curtain display is suitable for making large outdoor advertising. It can be installed in building external wall, stadium, and viewing platform etc.
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