How to judge quality of led power supply of the led video


First, although the general display manufacturers can make some requirements to the power supply suppliers, there are many power supply manufacturers and unknown power products flooded in the marke. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of pros and cons to the consumers. To this end, there are some suggest for our customer to select power supply

Appearance. An excellent power supply manufacture is strict with the production process to ensure the product batch consistency. The appearance of power, tin surface, the arrangement of components will not be good uniformity manufactured by irresponsible manufacturers.

Full load efficiency. The efficiency is the most important indicator of power supply. An high efficiency power supply is not only meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also saving energy for the user to save money.

The output voltage ripple of constant voltage power supply is large. The scale of voltage ripple is the key factor to impact the life of electrical equipment, the smaller the better.

The temperature rise on working. The scale of temperature rise will impact the stable and lifespan of power supply. The scale of temperature rise is the smaller the better. In other hand, it can prove from the conversion rate, the higher the conversion rate, the smaller the temperature rise range.

As the LED display product attributes, when led display playing video or image that the current will instantaneous change usually. This is also the reason of requiring higher standard of power supply.

Usually, in order to ensure the stable working of led display that requires reserve a certain margin of power supply. In genera speaking, the more margin power is better for power supply of the led advertising poster and also good for lifespan. But it will cost you more on purchasing products.

At present, the supplier of led display will reserve 20-30% margin for the power supply.There are other factors that we need to consider about.meanwell-nel-300-5-%ef%bc%881%ef%bc%89

First of all, in order to increase the life of the power supply, it is recommended to use more than 30% of the rated output power models

Second, you need to consider the working temperature of the power supply and the availability of additional auxiliary cooling equipment. The power supply needs to be reduced output under high working temperature.

Third, select the functional power source according to the application field, such as protection functions: over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection; Application: signal function, remote control, telemetry, parallel function; Special features: power correction (PFC), uninterruptible power (UPS)
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