Two most popular led display video walls in the market

The competition among LED display screen manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce, and under the dual impact of homogenization and price wars, profits are no longer as before. Do you know which markets are the most popular for LED display screens?
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1、 The rental market is booming
In terms of what is the hottest market in the LED display industry in 2018, there is no doubt that the rental market is likepopular Crispy fried chicken”. Developed with the splicing and disassembly characteristics of rental stage LED display skerms, it can be called aguerrilla teamof LED display screens. The rental screen modules are characterized by their ease of disassembly and assembly, often displaying stunning visual and auditory effects in the background of stages, evening parties, and other events. As a powerful equipment for shaping the atmosphere of the current stage, they provide a stunning visual and auditory sensation. With the rapid development of the cultural, vermaak, and sports industries, the rental screen market has developed rapidly in recent years. Overall, the rental market was booming in 2018. Egter, there are also some problems, such as the lack of product quality. In 2016, there were multiple rental screen collapse accidents, exposing the drawbacks of the rental market. Egter, overall, driven by the development of the cultural and entertainment industry, there is great potential for the future development of the rental screen market. With the popularization of small pitch LED displays, more high-end rental screens will be able to meet the higher and more perfect stage atmosphere presentation in the future.
2、 Creative display shines brightly
With the increasing demand for aesthetic appeal and personalized products, creative displays have become an important means for LED companies to break through the red ocean market. As a typical manifestation of differentiated development of LED displays, the LED creative screen market has shown great market vitality in recent years, with the creative display market represented by irregular screens shining brightly. Aan die ander kant, in addition to the visual impact brought by unique designs, some screen companies are constantly adding features such as human screen interaction, VR, 3D, ens. in their creative LED display products and solutions to integrate the display screen with the surrounding environment and showcase personalized characteristics. This has also become a major trend in the development of most LED display screen creative displays, bringing us highly sensory and impactful performance effects, creating animmersivevisual experience.
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