Applications of led display screens for AR and interactive situations

With the development of LED display screens in various sub markets and the diversification of products, it has given rise to the hot development of certain specific scene applications, such as interactive floor led screens widely used in the field of stage performance.

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Scenario applications of LED display screens
In the LED display screen industry, there are vivid examples of scene applications. Among them, interactive display screens are more common. In addition to interactive brick screens in the rental field, there are also typical human-machine interactive display screens in shopping malls that mainly focus on experiential gaming and entertainment forms, as well as some interactive display projects in window display advertising.
LED display screens are more flexible and versatile in their application scenarios due to their ability to customize products and launch various solutions according to different application scenarios. Different scenarios have varying requirements for products.
And certain specific scenario applications often play a promoting role in the development of LED display screen products. A typical example is the application of LED transparent screens in various scenarios.

As is well known, the LED transparent screen market in the past was mainly divided into two aspects: one was the indoor fixed installation application market dominated by glass curtain walls, and the other was the commercial field oriented towards stage performances and commercial display windows. The application of LED in glass curtain walls and stage performance venues can be said to be commonplace, but last year, the application of LED transparent screens in specific scenes of large sports venues gave people a refreshing feeling, and thus opened a new chapter in the application of LED transparent screens, making the name of LED transparent screens rise suddenly.

Scenario applications, LED display screens have great potential
In “Beijing Eight Minutes”, the LED transparent screen, combined with intelligent robots, showcases stunning effects in sports events, stunning the industry. The application of this special scenario undoubtedly has enlightening significance for the scene of LED display screens.
With the maturity of various technological processes for LED display screens, their ability to adapt to various scenarios will also become increasingly powerful. With the development of various AI technologies, especially emerging technologies such as AR/VR and facial recognition, there will be more scene applications in the future. If LED display screens can be combined and coordinated for development, the opportunities for the future will be limitless.

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