The competition in the domestic LED display screen market is very fierce, and many LEDディスプレイスクリーンメーカー have turned their attention to the international market. So where are the main markets for Chinese LED display screen companies to explore overseas?
LEDレンタルスクリーンを購入する (1)
1、 Small pitch LED display screen market
The domestic LED display screen market, due to the outbreak of small pitch LEDs, has driven the rapid growth of urban commercial display application systems and has become a new growth point in the LED display application industry. 近年では, numerous companies have invested in the research and production of small pitch LED displays, and the dot pitch has been continuously reduced, reaching P0.7. でも, below P1.0, due to limited cost and limited mass production, it mostly exists as laboratory products. 現在, P1.2 and P1.6 are gradually becoming mainstream in the domestic market, while P1.6 is mainly used in overseas markets, especially in Europe and America. We can also see a glimpse of the small distance market trends in overseas markets from the sales performance of various enterprises in the first quarter of this year.
2、 Rental display market
The rental market can be the most active area in the LED display screen market. 近年では, the LED display screen rental market in China has developed rapidly, especially after the long scroll of LED traditional Chinese painting presented at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The LED rental display screen market has experienced continuous high-speed development for many years, and the scale of the rental market continues to expand. Its main application areas have gradually expanded from large-scale cultural performances and major sports events to high-end conferences, large-scale exhibitions and other commercial markets. さらに, with the outbreak of small spacing, the rental market is expanding into more fields.
The prospects of the rental market are immeasurable. Calculated solely in the field of stage design, the global LED stage market has reached 740 million US dollars this year, a year-on-year increase of 14%. It is expected that the growth rate will slightly slow down in the coming years, but it will still maintain a hot growth trend. By 2020, it is expected that the scale will increase to 1 billion US dollars. In foreign markets, such as developed economies such as Europe and America, the main customers of LED rental screens are some large end users, such as rental companies, film and television companies, 等. There has been fierce market competition in the mid to high end rental market, especially in the European and American markets. From the frequent appearances of high-end rental products from domestic enterprises at various overseas exhibitions, we can see the enthusiasm of LED display screen manufacturers for this market. Many companies have already flourished in this market, occupying a considerable market share in the European and American markets.
3、 Traditional advertising market
With the advancement of LED display technology, it is an irreversible trend for LED display screens to expand into various segmented market areas. でも, in some special areas, the traditional LED display screen market still has strong vitality and good market performance. In terms of the current LED display screen market, although the small pitch and rental market holds a considerable market share overseas, an undeniable fact is that LED displays still occupy a large market share in the traditional advertising market.
Summary: The current overseas market for LED displays has formed three main battlefields represented by small pitch, outdoor leasing, and traditional advertising.