5G led video displays will be the future trends

How to combine 5G with LED displays will also become a question that the LED display industry must consider in the new era. The emergence of new technologies is inevitable for social development. The arrival of the 5G era is an inevitable result of continuous technological progress. If LED display companies want to seize the opportunity of 5G, they must forge ahead and actively strive for progress, continuously delve into the potential market of 5G displays in the future, and continuously cultivate and explore emerging displays in the future.
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Firstly, LED display companies need to utilize their existing technological resources to conduct preliminary exploration of the 5G market. The arrival of the 5G era will fully usher in the era of Internet of Things, which will also bring the possibility of display to the LED display industry. The Internet of Things needs to be presented through a display terminal, which brings huge market demand to the LED display screen industry. In addition, it will also bring revolutionary changes to the display effect of LED displays. Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of technology, the combination of naked eye 3D, VR, AR, and Internet of Things technologies will be applied more and more on stage in the field of stage beauty, bringing people a more unique, high-precision, and immersive visual experience. At the same time, more advantages of LED displays will be excavated. The development of network technology and the improvement of speed can organically connect isolated LED displays scattered around, forming resource sharing and achieving interaction between screens. At the same time, with the boom of smart cities, in the field of smart transportation, LED pole screens in the outdoor field can also be equipped with 5G technology. LED pole screens are equipped with a large number of sensors to automatically adjust brightness, display temperature, humidity, camera images, pedestrian and vehicular flows in real time, and collect and transmit these data to the cloud, becoming one of the early entrances for big data collection in smart city construction.
Compared to 4G, 5G networks have faster transmission speeds, but they are still in the exploratory stage. In order to have a larger radiation range, higher stability, and wider coverage like 4G networks, it is necessary to pay higher costs. Faced with high costs, this is undoubtedly a huge challenge for many LED display screen companies. To gain a share in this emerging market in the future, it also requires having sufficient capital and accumulated technology. For display terminal customers, their perception of 5G is not yet clear, and the progress of users switching to 5G is obviously not very fast. How to make customers accept and use 5G is also a major challenge that LED display screen manufacturers need to face. It is also necessary to educate consumer customers and help them adapt to new displays. This series of problems need to be actively explored and solved by LED display companies.
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