Building up of the led video wall brands for factories.

From the development process of the domestic LED display screen industry, 2013 will be a “year of great governance”. The competition between enterprises extends from selection competitions to elimination competitions; The rules of the industry will evolve from free combat to strictly regulated field competitions; The market level will shift from diverse to uniform; The previous “separation of powers” in writing will be completely ended, and replaced by a new market integration pattern under the three factors of capital, technology, and management.

market rules
1. Trading mode. In 2012, which was widely criticized, the transaction method of loan delivery and installment payment ultimately led to high financial leverage in the industry and was the true culprit of the accounts receivable cancer. During the period of rapid development of the industry, a high capital leverage ratio will to some extent promote the development of the industry. With a small amount of capital, a larger market share can be obtained. However, when the industry transitions from crazy expansion to stable development, this lending and sales model becomes a gravedigger for enterprises, and a high asset liability ratio has become an unbearable pain for enterprises. The enterprises that have encountered problems in 2012 are more or less related to this. And then the desire for the market and the avoidance of risk became a choice question that all enterprises must face, left or right, and can only choose one. I cannot speculate on how many companies in our industry will choose in 2013, but one thing is certain. From the perspective of healthy industry development, a good industrial environment is much more important than a year or two of rapid market development.

2. Product standards. The entire industry chain of LED display quality, from chips to packaging, from packaging to application, and from application to engineering, has no mature set of product standards. So, the problem arose. The customer wanted to purchase the best display screen, but there was no standard that told them what was good, and it could only be determined by the size of the supplier; Similarly, screen manufacturers want to use the best lamp beads, but looking at the domestic market, no one has provided a unified standard to distinguish the pros and cons, so they can only turn back and choose Japanese brands; Packaging factories want to choose good chips, but suppliers have their own characteristics and cannot be identified. So the problem arises, when standards cannot be unified, only each person can show their skills and sing their own tunes. So in the LED display screen market, the expulsion of good currency by bad currency has become a strange circle that cannot be overcome. This issue may not be resolved in 2013, but as long as it is not completely resolved, there will be excellent companies pursuing quality that are mistakenly killed in the market, and there will also be a quality gap where domestic brands cannot catch up with foreign major brands.

3. Brand building. The display screen industry has manufacturers but no brands. In terms of the overall effect of LED displays, chips, packaging, and applications all play an important role, which means that an excellent display screen brand must be able to handle the research and development and manufacturing of chips, packaging, and applications very well at the same time. In a few years, the first tier brands of domestic LED display screens must focus on all the product advantages of core, packaging, and manufacturing, in order for such products to be recognized by terminals in a round of market competition and become the brand in everyone’s hearts.

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