Development history and application of outdoor LED display screens

In recent years, outdoor LED display media has developed rapidly and gradually become a new trend in the development of advertising media, with a wide range of market application prospects.

Outdoor LED display screens are an ideal alternative to canvas advertising and lightbox advertising. LED screen media is divided into graphic display media and video display media, both of which are composed of LED matrix blocks. Graphic display media can synchronize with computers to display Chinese characters, English text, and graphics; The video display media is controlled by a microcomputer, with a combination of graphics, text, and images, playing various information in a real-time, synchronous, and clear manner. It can also display 2D and 3D animations, videos, TV, VCD programs, and live broadcasts.
LED screen media displays vivid colors and strong three-dimensional effects, static like oil paintings and dynamic like movies. They are widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, postal and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management, and other public places.
The reason why LED outdoor advertising display screens have become a new favorite in the advertising industry is because they have many advantages and prominent advertising effects. Due to its inherent characteristics, the preferred choice for advertisers when choosing a carrier is LED outdoor advertising display screens. Nowadays, it has developed rapidly, from one generation to four generations. So let me give you a detailed introduction to its development stage.
Development history of LED products
The reason why LED has been widely valued and rapidly developed is because it has many advantages. For example, with high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, easy integration, simple driving, long service life, impact resistance, and stable performance, its development prospects are extremely broad. At present, it is developing towards higher brightness, higher climate resistance and luminous density, luminous uniformity, and panchromism. With the development, people needed a large screen display device, which led to the emergence of projectors. However, their brightness could not be used under natural light, so LED displays (screens) emerged, which have the characteristics of large viewing angle, high brightness, and bright colors.
The development of LED outdoor advertising display screens presents the following stages of development
1. First generation monochrome LED display screen
Using single red as the main color, displaying text and simple patterns, mainly used for notification and passenger flow guidance;
2. Second generation dual primary color multi grayscale display screen
Using red and yellow green as the base colors, as there is no blue, it can only be referred to as pseudocolor. It can display multi grayscale images and videos. Currently, it is widely used in telecommunications, banks, taxation, hospitals, government agencies, and other occasions in China, mainly displaying slogans, public service advertisements, and image promotional information;
3. Third generation full color multi grayscale display screen
Using red, blue, and yellow green as the base colors can display more realistic images. Currently, it is gradually replacing the previous generation of products;

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