Distinguish led display screen from different angles for video walls

LED electronic screen is divided into: information release screen, traffic guidance screen, advertisement release screen, vehicle mounted screen, court screen, stage rental screen, stair screen, etc

LED electronic screens can also be classified from the following different perspectives:
LED electronic screen, divided into full-color electronic screen, monochrome (single primary color) electronic screen (single red, single white, single yellow) and two-color (dual primary color) electronic screen (red green, blue green)
Application environment
LED electronic screen can also be divided into indoor LED electronic screen, semi outdoor LED electronic screen and outdoor LED electronic screen.
Installation method
LED electronic screen can be divided into: column type LED electronic screen (single column and double columns), wall mounted LED electronic screen, lifting type electronic screen, embedded electronic screen, etc.
LED electronic screen can be divided into conventional screen and special-shaped screen.
Single primary color electronic screen
Single color (red, green, yellow, white, blue, etc.).
Dual primary color electronic screen:
Double primary colors of red and green, 256 gray levels or 512 gray levels, and 65536 colors can be displayed.
Full color electronic screen:
The full-color electronic screen with three primary colors of red, green and blue and 256 levels of gray can display more than 16 million colors.
Indoor electronic screen:
Semi outdoor electronic screen:
The pixel size is between indoor and outdoor electronic screens; It is commonly seen on the lintels of banks, shopping malls or hospitals.
Outdoor electronic screen:
The area is usually tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters, with high brightness. It can work in the sun and has wind, rain and water resistance functions.

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