Simple classification of led advertising indoor and outdoor LED screen

LED video screens are classified in various ways, generally according to the following methods:

(1) Indoor, outdoor and semi outdoor according to the application environment
The indoor led screen area is usually less than 1 square meter to more than 10 square meters, and the point density is high. It is used in non direct sunlight or lighting environment. The viewing interval is several meters away, and the screen body does not have the ability to seal and waterproof.
(2) It can be divided into monochrome, double primary color and triple primary color (full-color) according to color
Monochrome refers to the luminous data of electronic screen with only one color, mostly single red, and yellow green can also be used in some special occasions. The dual primary color screen usually consists of red and yellow green light emitting materials.
The three primary color screen is divided into full color, consisting of red, yellow green (wavelength 570nm), blue and natural color, consisting of red, pure green (wavelength 525nm) and blue.
(3) Synchronous and asynchronous according to control or application methods
The synchronization method means that the working method of the LED electronic screen is fundamentally equivalent to that of the computer monitor. It maps the computer image on the monitor at an update rate of at least 30 fields/second point by point. It usually has the ability to display colors of multiple gray-scale, which can be used for multimedia advertising.
The asynchronous method refers to that the LED screen has the ability to store and play automatically. The modified text and gray-scale free images on the PC are transmitted to the LED screen through the serial port or other network interfaces, and then automatically played offline by the LED screen. Usually, there is no ability to display multiple gray-scale images, which are mainly used to display text information and can be networked on multiple screens.
(4) Distinguish by pixel density or pixel diameter
Because the LED dot matrix modules selected for the household screen have the same standard contrast, they usually follow the pixel diameter of the module
(5) According to the display function, it can be divided into
Video electronic screen: usually full color electronic screen; Text electronic screen: usually single primary color electronic screen; Image text electronic screen: usually double primary color electronic screen; Market electronic screen: usually digital tube or single primary color electronic screen.

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