The difference between stage LED display screens and conventional indoor and outdoor LED display screens

Compared to traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, renting LED displays differs in purpose and function.
Below is a difference between stage LED rental screens and traditional LED displays 1、 Different selection options
Due to the high demand for stage rental LED display screens, the screen playback effect is required to be clearer. Therefore, the P3 P4 model high-definition screen is generally used for indoor environments, and even more stringent may use small spacing P2.5 P2, etc., while the P6 P5 model is used for outdoor environments. Traditional indoor and outdoor LED displays, due to long viewing distances or low display requirements, generally use P5 P4 models indoors, with P10 being the most commonly used outdoors, followed by P16.
2、 Box differentiation
Traditional outdoor LED display screens have waterproof treatment on the box, and the structure is relatively heavy. The LED simple box used indoors; And the stage LED rental display screen, because the box is often disassembled and moved, is usually made of die-cast aluminum box.
We know that stage LED screens are often installed in a suspended or wall mounted manner. Adopting these two installation methods has high requirements for the weight and safety of rental screens. Because rental screens need to be stacked high and hoisted in a light and thin manner, they are currently made of die-cast aluminum boxes, and the connections must be firm, reliable, and easy to detect to avoid potential threats to on-site personnel due to installation negligence.stage led walls
Stage LED rental screens often need to be transported by car, ship, or plane. During transportation, there may be bumps on the edges and corners of the rental screen due to bumps. However, in order to not affect the use effect, LED rental screens must have a certain degree of wear resistance, which can reduce electronic component damage caused by transportation and avoid affecting normal display function.
3、 Installation method
As mentioned earlier, the dismantling and installation of LED display screens for stage rental is convenient and fast. For example, after a concert, they can be dismantled and transported to another stage for construction. Traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are usually installed in a fixed manner, and once the installation position is fixed, they will not easily move.
4、 Quick replacement and maintenance
When there is a local display malfunction on the rental screen, the stage LED display rental screen must be partially replaceable and replaced quickly to ensure the normal performance.

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