LED small pitch screens have gradually become mainstream

Small pitch LED display screens are gradually occupying the mainstream position due to their advantages such as high color gamut, high brightness, and seamless splicing. The construction of smart city and safe city projects, whether in transportation, security, or military command centers, has an increasing demand for customized display engineering,
With the comprehensive and intelligent transformation of traditional security, visualization has increasingly become the focus of the industry. Large screen splicing screens have become mainstream display terminals, especially in large-scale integrated security projects such as Ping An City and Smart City, splicing wall products are essential. Compared to other display products, the significant advantage of small pitch LED display screens is seamless splicing, flexible and diverse installation methods, thin screen thickness, high brightness, low energy consumption, and saving high bulb replacement costs.

small pitch led screen (1)

The later operation and maintenance costs are lower. Therefore, it quickly occupied the market of indoor large screen applications represented by traffic command and control rooms. Nowadays, the expansion of the security market will also bring broad development space for the small pitch LED display screen industry
Since the maturity of small pitch display technology, the competitiveness of LED displays has become increasingly strong, and their application fields have also been continuously expanded. In this data, the sales revenue of electronic whiteboards is 16.21 billion yuan, ranking first, while the sales revenue of LED small spacing is 3.82 billion yuan, only ranking third from last. Although the current market share of LED small pitch displays in the commercial display market is relatively low, and there is a significant gap between them, it does not prevent LED small pitch displays from showing their heads in the field of commercial display, and rapidly rising in this field with a trend of illness like wind.

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