How to calculate the permeability of LED transparent screens

The permeability of LED transparent screens can be calculated by the following methods:
1. Measurement method: place the LED transparent screen under the illumination of the light source, and use an optical densitometer or spectral Radiometer to measure the light intensity before and after the transparent screen. The permeability of transparent screens can be calculated using the following formula:
Permeability=(light intensity behind the transparent screen/light intensity before the transparent screen) × 100%

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2. Numerical simulation method: Optical simulation software such as TracePro, Zemax, etc. can be used to perform optical simulation and calculation on LED transparent screens. These software can simulate phenomena such as light transmission, reflection, and refraction, and provide the permeability of transparent screens.
Regardless of the method used, it is necessary to ensure the stability and uniformity of the light source during the measurement or simulation process, as well as the accuracy and precision of the collected data, in order to obtain reliable permeability results.

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