How to perform daily maintenance on LED flexible screens

Although LED flexible screens are relatively flexible during installation and use, they also require certain maintenance to ensure their normal operation and lifespan. Here are some common maintenance methods:

led video wall show (1)

1. Cleaning: Use a professional cleaning agent or cloth to wipe the LED flexible screen, avoiding the use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents, which may cause damage to the screen.

2. Dust prevention: Regularly use a vacuum cleaner or air pressure to blow dust off the surface of the LED flexible screen to avoid dust accumulation affecting the display effect.

3. Breathability: The space between the display area and the back panel of the LED flexible screen needs to maintain good breathability to prevent corrosion and pollution caused by moisture and bacteria.

4. Temperature and humidity: LED flexible screens need to maintain appropriate ambient temperature and humidity during normal operation. Generally, the temperature range is maintained between -20 ° C and 60 ° C, and the humidity is controlled between 10% -90%.

5. Avoiding collisions: LED flexible screen materials are relatively soft and need to avoid collisions and severe vibrations.

It should be noted that when maintaining the LED flexible screen, the power supply needs to be turned off first and operated by professional personnel. If any damage or malfunction occurs, the after-sales service department should be promptly contacted for repair and replacement.

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