Installation method of LED display screen.

LED display (LED Screen): Also known as electronic display screen or float screen. It is composed of LED dot matrix and LED PC panel, displaying text, images, animations, and videos through the red, blue, and green LED lights. The content can be changed at any time, and each component is a modular display device. Traditional LED display screens are usually composed of display modules, control systems, and power systems. The display module is composed of a dot matrix composed of LED lights, responsible for emitting light for display; The control system can display text, images, videos, and other content on the screen by controlling the brightness of the corresponding area. Single color and dual color screens are mainly used to play text, while full color screens are mainly used to play animations; The power system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current into the voltage and current required for the display screen. Today, the editor will introduce to you the installation methods of display screens, and how to install them. Interested friends may want to follow them.

1、 The installation methods of outdoor LED display screens include wall mounted, embedded, suspended, front maintenance, step mounted, column mounted, etc.
1. The wall mounted outdoor LED display screen is mainly installed outside the wall. Generally, there are force points on the wall. The outdoor LED display screen is hung on the wall and used as a fixed support.
2. The embedded installation method is mainly aimed at the installation on the exterior wall of a building. Generally, a steel structure is added to the wall, and then the outdoor advertising LED display screen is embedded with the steel structure as support. Display effect. If there is a somewhat blurry feeling at close range, it depends on the size of the outdoor LED display screen
3. The lifting type is usually used on stage or outdoors without wall support, mainly using a designed steel structure to hang the outdoor LED display screen on the structure. In the case of temporary use of outdoor LED display screens, the lifting method has obvious advantages.
The biggest feature of the front maintenance installation method is maintenance. It is very convenient to replace accessories, and maintenance personnel can directly open the screen from the front of the outdoor LED display screen for operation.
5. The step installation method mainly involves installing a dual color LED display screen or a full color LED display screen on the facade of the step. The high-density LED display screen is arranged in a row of LED displays, and the observation distance is generally 3 meters away, which will have a better effect. When playing the video with all the staircase facades connected, it will present a very beautiful appearance
6. Column mounted outdoor LED display screens are the most common installation method. Generally, due to the lack of surrounding walls or available support points, the installation method of column mounted outdoor LED display screens requires high steel structure requirements. For example, most outdoor advertising LED screens next to highways are installed in a column style.

2、 Installation methods for indoor LED display screens: hoisting, rack mounting, hanging mounting, and seat mounting
1. Hoisting: Suitable for display screens below 10 square meters, this installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as a beam or lintel above. And the screen generally requires a back cover
2. Rack mounting: Suitable for displays over 10 square meters and easy to maintain. Other specific requirements are the same as wall mounting.
3. Hanging (wall mounted) is suitable for display screens below 10 square meters. The requirement for the wall is to have concrete beams at the solid wall or suspension point. Hollow bricks or simple partitions are not suitable for this installation method.
4. Seat: Movable seat: Refers to a seat frame that is individually processed. Placed on the ground and movable. Fixed seat mounting: refers to a fixed seat frame connected to the ground or wall.

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