LED display screen system protection.

LED display screen products have undergone treatment such as acid rain resistance, salt spray resistance, waterproofing, moisture resistance, dust prevention, combustion resistance, and corrosion resistance. Through salt spray testing, the test results show that the products meet national industrial standards and meet the requirements of salt spray testing. Even in marine climate conditions, the screen can still be used normally for a long time.
Three prevention measures: All led video wall circuit boards shall be treated with specialized electronic three prevention paint after production and testing, and coated with flame retardant materials to make them dustproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, and flame retardant.

Insulating rubber rings are used to seal between pixels and modules to prevent moisture penetration.
The exterior decoration of the screen is made of high-quality flame-retardant aluminum plastic plates with excellent corrosion resistance, and the seams between the plates are tightly filled with high-quality weather resistant adhesive.
The joint between the decoration and the module is filled with foam bars and high-quality weather resistant adhesive to prevent moisture infiltration.
All products have a shell protection level of IP65 or above for water discharge.

1. Temperature control and dehumidification
Install smoke and temperature detectors inside the screen and connect them to the PLC control system to monitor the status inside the screen. When the internal temperature of the screen increases significantly due to long-term operation or the humidity is high due to climate reasons, the system can turn on the fan and air conditioning. In case of special circumstances, the PLC system can automatically cut off the power supply of the screen and issue an alarm signal
2 Electrical safety
The measure taken to ensure electrical safety performance is to configure a PLC controller. The distribution cabinet is controlled by a PLC, and the display screen will be turned on several steps during startup to suppress the surge current during the startup of the switching power supply. The PLC receives system machine instructions to generate action logic, and returns the logical status and fault information of each contact to the system. The network implements power supply circuit control and monitoring of the system. The protective measures for the distribution cabinet include overcurrent, short circuit, open circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, high temperature, smoke sensing, etc., and have fault indication and timely alarm in case of abnormalities. The power outage time of the network power supply protection equipment UPS shall be at least twenty minutes, and there shall be sufficient time for the system operator to perform the correct processing actions in the event of a power failure.
Additionally, it is necessary to use a signal ground that is independent of the protected area for use by network systems and distributed control systems. The lightning protection of the power grid depends on the on-site distribution system.

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