LED screen display wall panels classification knowledge.

There are various classification methods for LED screens, and LED display screen manufacturers will provide specific information on the classification knowledge of LED screens in the following text.

1. Classified by display color: single red, single green, red green dual primary color, red green blue tricolor, full color, and natural color; Single primary color LED display screen (including pseudo color LED display screen), dual primary color LED display screen, and full color LED display screen. According to the grayscale, it can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 grayscale LED display screens, etc.

2. It is divided into: graphic display screen, multimedia video display screen, market display screen, bar display screen, interest rate display screen, text LED electronic display screen, graphic LED electronic display screen, computer video LED electronic display screen, television video LED display screen, and market LED electronic display screen according to their usage functions. Market LED electronic displays generally include LED displays for securities, interest rates, futures, and other purposes.

3. According to the usage environment, it is divided into indoor LED display screens, outdoor LED display screens, and semi outdoor LED display screens.
4. According to the diameter or spacing of luminescent points, it can be divided into: φ 3.0 φ 3.7 φ 4.8 φ 5.0 φ 8.0, ph8, ph10, ph16, ph20 ф 3.75 ф 4.8 ф 15 ф 19 ф Grade 26.

5. In non market LED displays with basic luminous points, indoor LED displays can be divided into: Φ 3mm Φ 375mm Φ 5mm Φ 8mm, and Φ 10mm or equivalent display screen; Outdoor LED display screens can be divided into Φ 19mm Φ 22mm and Φ LED display screens such as mm26. LED display screens in the market category can be divided into 2.0cm (0.8inch), 2.5cm (1.0inch), 3.0cm (1.2inch), 4.6cm (1.8inch), 5.8cm (2.3inch), 7.6cm (3inch) and other LED displays according to the size of the digital tube used.

6. Divided by pixel density: 2500 points, 3906 points, 5102 points, 6944 points, 10000 points, virtual 3906 * 4=12384 points, 15625 points, 17199 points, 17772 points, 27778 points, 44321 points, 62500 points, that is, 10000 points, 17000 points, 15000 points, 27000 points, 44000 points, 62000 points, and other LED display screens.

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