New P3.91 Die-cast led rental screen shocked the market

Recently, it was learned from the R&D Department that the P3.91 die-cast aluminum rental display cabinet was officially launched to the market through various tests. So far, Pioneer Technology P3.91, P4.81, P6.25 and P7.81 die-cast family series systems have been fully completed.
This series of products have multiple box sizes, simple design, fast installation, and can achieve high refresh and no dark line configuration. The completeness of the series of products has achieved the average distribution from small to medium spacing, providing more choice space for customers with different needs. Chen Gong of the R&D Center said that P3.91 and P4.81 products can replace the traditional P4 and P5 rental products, and improve the display effect, while P6.25 and P7.81 products are suitable for places with large space and long viewing distance, and have better display effect than traditional P7.62 and P8 products.

rental led wall
This series of products has the following characteristics:
1. The box size is multiple, including 500 * 500mm and 500 * 1000mm. Customers with high requirements for product weight can choose smaller size box, while customers who prefer fast installation and less number of boxes can choose larger size box.
2. The box structure is simple. The boxes are connected by quick spring lock, with square structure, good flatness, and can be quickly installed and spliced, which is suitable for the special requirements of the rental led screen market performance.
3. Hoisting structure design. This series of products are designed according to the hoisting structure, and can be widely used in rental places. They can be hoisted by lifting beams, or fixed on trusses or steel structures, and can be used in various environments.
4. High refresh rate. Because P3.91 and P4.81 will be applied to meetings, performances and other places, through high refresh configuration, there will be no water ripple, dark ripple, etc. in the pictures and videos taken by cameras and video cameras.
5. FCC certification. This series of products passed the FCC certification at the first time of development, and meet the strict test of safety, electromagnetic compatibility and other standards, which is a strong guarantee to enter high-end markets such as Europe and the United States.
Pioneer’s P3.91, P4.81, P6.25 and P7.81 die-casting family series are series products designed by the Marketing Department and the R&D Department through long-term market research and customer demand, which meet market demand. Once launched, the products will be exported to the United States. I believe that Pioneer’s series products will have great potential in the rental market.

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