Misunderstandings in the procurement of LED display screens

The purchase of LED display screens is a major event, not only related to the late effects, but also greatly related to the cost. How to choose a good LED display screen to save money and achieve the desired display effect? everyone should pay attention when purchasing them.

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1、 Service life: 100000 hours
The technical data issued by the LED material manufacturer indicates that the lifetime of the LED light emitting body is 10000 hours under an ideal state. The ideal state refers to the time from emitting light to completely not emitting light under a constant voltage and current state in the laboratory, with 10000 hours equivalent to 11 years.
The amount of water contained in a wooden bucket is determined by the lowest wooden board. Currently, LED advertising displays are civilian grade devices with a service life of no more than 8 years. The function of a display screen is to view it. When the display screen is lit and can only be seen clearly at night, it cannot be said that it is qualified and has use value.
A car can be driven for 15 years, and if it is idle for 3 years, it will be scrapped. The environment and methods used have a significant impact on the life of the product.
2、 Comply with national standards
The general specification for LED display screens is a ministerial standard issued in 1995. So far, many companies claim to meet national standards. After eight years of technological development, the standards at that time are no longer standards. For example, at the point of runaway, the national standard is 3/10000 φ Take 3.75 indoor dual primary color display screen as an example. Generally, a 640×480 standard resolution display screen is 7 square meters, with 43264 points per square meter. According to the national standard, there can be 90 points out of control. Who pays for such a display today.
3、 Free software
There is a common problem in the display screen industry among Chinese enterprises – production only, not research and development. Currently, only a few enterprises have genuine software. It is illegal to use piracy now.
4、 Low price
It depends on the performance price ratio rather than just the price.
5、 Gray scale
The grayscale of dual primary and full color displays is an important indicator. Currently, the market is flooded with many 16 level and 64 level grayscale display screens that fake 256 level grayscale. Its control cost is only 1/5 of the control of 256 levels of grayscale. The simplest method is to play a VCD of a more intense sports scene to see if it can be seen clearly on the LED display.

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