Selection and purchase of outdoor led display screen wall

Questions on the external screen of led advertising panels.

The main questions about the outdoor screen are as follows:
led electronic screen equipment is outdoors, often exposed to the sun and rain, and the dust cover is blown by the wind. Wetting or severe damp of electronic equipment will lead to short circuit and even fire, resulting in problems and even fire and loss. The electronic screen may be struck by strong electricity and strong magnetism caused by lightning.

The ambient temperature changes greatly. When the giant led screen is operating, it will generate a certain amount of heat. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not operate normally, or even be burned, so that the display system cannot operate normally.

Wide audience, long horizon and wide horizon; The ambient light changes greatly, especially when it is exposed to direct sunlight.
For the above special requirements, it is necessary for the outdoor led electronic screen to achieve: the screen body and the junction between the screen body and the building must be strictly waterproof and leak proof; The screen body should have an outstanding drainage method, so that the accumulated water can be discharged smoothly in case of an attack.

Equipment lightning protection equipment on electronic screen and buildings. The main body and shell of the electronic screen shall be well grounded, and the grounding resistance shall be less than 3 Ω, so that the large current caused by lightning can be discharged in time.

In order to ensure long distance visibility under intense ambient light, it is necessary to select ultra-high brightness LED.
The display medium uses a new type of wide angle tube, which has a wide angle of view, pure color, common harmony and a life span of more than 100000 hours. The external package of the display medium is the most popular square cylinder with cover, sealed with silica gel, and installed without metallization; Its appearance is exquisite, beautiful, durable, and has the characteristics of “five prevention” of direct sunlight, dust, water, high temperature, and short circuit.

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