The specifications and advantages and disadvantages of LED display screens.

As a professional LED display manufacturer, our customers are often at a loss when deciding to use LED displays when faced with a wide range of products. Today, we will talk to you about the specifications and advantages and disadvantages of LED display screens
Outdoor LED display screen specifications and product description

Outdoor LED display screen media is a trend in the development of the advertising industry in the 21st century. It is an indoor and outdoor advertising display device with audio and video functions, and is an internationally leading high-tech product. The device has a novel and unique appearance, and its area can be adjusted at will. It can not only play audio and video advertising programs, but also install fixed lightbox advertising spaces on all sides.
The reason why LED outdoor advertising display screens have become a new favorite in the advertising industry is because they have many advantages and prominent advertising effects. Due to its inherent characteristics, outdoor LED advertising screens are the preferred choice for advertisers when choosing carriers. Nowadays, it has developed rapidly, from the first generation to the fourth generation. So let’s give you a detailed introduction to its development stage.
Development history of LED products
The reason why LED has been widely valued and rapidly developed is because it has many advantages. For example, with high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, easy integration, simple driving, long service life, impact resistance, and stable performance, its development prospects are extremely broad. Currently, it is developing towards higher brightness, higher climate resistance, luminescence density, uniformity, and panchromism. With the development of people’s demand for a large screen display device, there was a projector, but its brightness cannot be used under natural light, resulting in the emergence of LED displays (screens), which have the characteristics of large viewing angle, high brightness, and bright colors.
The development of LED outdoor advertising display screens presents the following stages of development
1. First generation monochrome LED display screen
Using single red as the base color and displaying text and simple patterns, mainly used for notification and passenger flow guidance systems;
2. Second generation dual primary color multi grayscale display screen
Using red and yellow-green as the base colors, as there is no blue, it can only be referred to as pseudo color, and can display multi grayscale images and videos. Currently, it is widely used in telecommunications, banks, taxation, hospitals, government agencies, and other occasions in China, mainly displaying slogans, public service advertisements, and image promotion information;
3rd generation full color multi grayscale display screen
Using red, blue, and yellow green as the base colors can display more realistic images, and is gradually replacing previous generation products;
4th generation true color multi grayscale display screen
Using red, blue, and green as the base colors, it can truly reproduce all colors in nature (even exceeding the natural color range in color coordinates), and can display various video images and color advertisements. Its bright colors, bright high brightness, delicate contrast, and energy-saving, high-definition and other characteristics;
It has excellent visual impact in the field of advertising and promotion. The true color 5mm indoor large screen belongs to the fourth generation product mentioned above. It has high brightness, is not affected by environmental brightness, is thin in thickness, occupies a small space, has bright and rich colors, has a wide viewing angle, can be applied in spacious hall environments, and has no loss of mosaic images.
Advantages of high-definition outdoor LED display screen specifications and product description
1. It has the characteristics of liquidity, enforceability, pertinence, and effectiveness.
2. Program advantages. Homemade programs, real-time playback, and rich content; There are not only advertisements, but also programs, including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, and TV dramas, with advertisements interspersed between programs.
3. Location advantages. Mainly installed in areas with concentrated traffic such as shopping malls, full color LED display screens are installed in landmark areas, and their propagation effects are more shocking and mandatory.
Energy saving outdoor LED display screen specifications and product description main features
1. Outdoor full color LED display screen media is widely used in public places, advertising, urban road networks, urban parking lots, railway, subway and other traffic guidance systems, highways, etc.
2. Adopting VGA synchronization technology, the large screen content is synchronized with CRT, and changing advertising content is simple and convenient; Super large graphics, strong vision, high brightness, and long lifespan.
3. Rich colors and diverse display methods (graphics, text, 3D, 2D animation, TV screen, etc.).
4. The appearance is novel and unique, which can enhance the level of urban technology, enrich the cultural life of urban residents, and make it easier for residents to accept.

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