What is the aging test of LED display screens

LED display screen aging test is a testing method that simulates the actual usage environment through long-term and high-intensity work on LED display screens, accelerates the aging process of display screens, and tests the reliability and stability of display screens within their service life.

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In the aging test of LED display screens, they are usually displayed with high brightness for a long time to simulate the high-intensity working state in actual usage environments. During the testing process, issues such as brightness attenuation, color deviation, and pixel necrosis of the display screen can be detected and resolved in a timely manner to improve the lifespan and stability of the display screen.

The aging test time for LED display screens generally ranges from tens to hundreds of hours, depending on the testing requirements and the lifespan of the display screen. After the test is completed, the display screen can be adjusted and improved based on the test results to improve product quality and reliability.

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