what LED soft led display modules are? and how it is used in digital led wall

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of LED display soft modules, let me explain what LED soft modules are.
For the layman, he should not know what the led soft module is. The soft module is relative to the conventional led display module. The conventional module is made of a hard board PCB and a bottom cover, without any flexibility. In case of radian and bending, either it cannot be used or it needs to be made by special processes such as corner cutting, but the cost will increase a lot and the process is not very complete. Let’s take a look at what LED soft modules are!soft led display
Led soft module is developed to solve the above problems. led soft module is also known as led flexible screen. because of its high flexibility, it can be folded and bent.
The display principle of the led soft module is the same as that of the conventional led electronic screen. The difference is that the flexible PCB and the bottom cover are used, which makes the module extremely soft and can realize 120 degree folding. So where are the led soft modules used?
Arc screen:
If it is an inner arc LED display screen and the arc is not very large, it is still easy to make it. As long as the display screen steel structure is made into an arc, it can be installed with a conventional indoor display screen module. However, if the arc of the inner arc is relatively large or the arc of the outer arc is relatively large, it is impossible to make it with conventional display modules. It is easy to make it with LED soft modules.
Cylindrical screen:
In some hotels, conference rooms, bars and other lobbies, there are many columns that are cylindrical. Designers will lower these columns to design display screens. When playing some special videos to improve the decoration level or create a special atmosphere, it is very complicated to use conventional screens, while making led soft modules is easy.
Waves, ribbons and other special shapes. The location of waves and ribbons is also a concept often used by designers. How to achieve it really needs to be done by LED display manufacturers. On the long road of exploration, LED soft modules have successfully solved this problem.
LED soft modules are widely used, mainly because they are flexible, foldable and bendable. They can be used wherever you want to use this feature.

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