Comparison of Common LED Display Screen Schemes.

In modern society, the LED display screen industry is developing rapidly. LED display screens have also entered the sight of thousands of households with the Olympic opening ceremony, CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage, and so on. More and more groups and enterprises are limited in choosing LED display screens when organizing large-scale gatherings. Today, Lei Ling will show you the advantages and disadvantages of several options for LED display screens.

1. Dot matrix module scheme:
The earliest design scheme developed from indoor pseudo color dot matrix screens
Advantages: The cost of raw materials is the most advantageous, and the production and processing process is simple, with stable quality.
Disadvantages: Poor color consistency, severe mosaic phenomenon, and poor display effect.
2. Single lamp scheme:
To solve the color problem of dot matrix screens, a solution borrowed from outdoor display screen technology was adopted, and outdoor pixel multiplexing technology (also known as pixel sharing technology, virtual pixel technology) was transplanted to indoor display screens.
Advantage: Color consistency is better than the dot matrix module approach.
Disadvantages: Poor color mixing effect, limited viewing angle, and color difference when viewed horizontally from left to right. The processing is complex and requires high anti-static performance. It is difficult to achieve an actual pixel resolution of over 10000 points.
3. Placement plan:
The scheme of using SMT light emitting tubes as display components.
Advantages: Important display indicators such as color consistency and perspective are the best among existing schemes, especially the excellent color mixing effect of the three in one surface sticker.
Disadvantages: The processing process is cumbersome and the cost is too high.
4. Sub surface sticker scheme:
Actually, it is an improvement of the single lamp scheme and is still being improved.
Advantages: There is not much difference between the primary indicators such as color consistency and perspective in the display and the labeling scheme, but the cost is low, the display effect is good, and the resolution can theoretically reach over 17200.
Disadvantages: The processing is still relatively complex and requires high anti-static performance.

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