Outdoor LED display screens also require diligent maintenance.

A series of sudden outdoor LED display screen fires that occurred before have made people increasingly value the maintenance of LED large screens. Now let’s learn about the maintenance of outdoor LED large screens together.

1. Outdoor LED display screens should be kept dry in their usage environment. Water ingress, iron powder, and other easily conductive metal objects are strictly prohibited inside the screen. The large screen should be placed in a low dust environment as much as possible, as large dust can affect the display effect, and excessive dust can cause damage to the circuit. If water enters due to various reasons, please immediately cut off the power and contact maintenance personnel until the display board inside the screen is dry before use. Applying power to outdoor LED screens containing humidity can cause corrosion of components, leading to permanent damage. Rainproof measures should be taken.
2. To choose between passive protection and active protection, try to keep items that may cause damage to the outdoor LED screen away from the screen, and when cleaning the screen, gently wipe it as much as possible to minimize the possibility of injury.
3. Outdoor large screens can become dirty when exposed to wind, sunlight, dust, and other factors for a long time. After a period of time, the screen will definitely be covered in dust, which requires timely cleaning to prevent dust from covering the surface for a long time and affecting the viewing effect. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance work should be done well.
4. The power supply should be stable, and the grounding protection should be good. Do not use it in harsh environments, especially in strong lightning weather.
5. The switching sequence of outdoor LED screens: Firstly, turn on the control computer to ensure its normal operation before turning on the outdoor LED screen. Secondly, turn off the outdoor LED screen first, and then turn off the computer.
6. Outdoor LED screens require a daily rest time of more than 2 hours, and should be used at least once a week during the rainy season. Generally, the screen should be turned on at least once a month, and it is best to turn it on for more than 2 hours.
Regularly check whether the outdoor LED screen is working properly and whether the circuit is damaged. Replace or repair the damaged circuit in a timely manner to maintain the normal operation of the screen.
8. When playing, do not stay in all white, all red, all green, all blue and other bright screens for a long time to avoid excessive current, excessive heating of the power cord, damage to the LED lights, and affecting the lifespan of the display screen. Do not disassemble or splice the screen body at will!
9. Outdoor LED display screens, control computers, and other related equipment should be placed in air-conditioned and slightly dusty rooms to ensure ventilation, heat dissipation, and stable operation of the computer.
If there is a problem with the internal wiring of the outdoor LED display screen, please ask a professional for maintenance; Non professionals are prohibited from touching to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit.
Outdoor LED display screens, like traditional electronic products, not only need to pay attention to methods during use, but also be diligent in maintenance and upkeep of the display screen; If there is a problem, it is necessary to immediately seek professional maintenance. Through understanding the maintenance knowledge of outdoor LED display screens, we will be able to use this new product correctly. This will not affect the user’s visual experience during long-term use, and can also extend the lifespan of outdoor LED displays.

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