How to improve the clarity of full-color indoor and outdoor LED displays?

Full color LED displays are actually moving towards higher definition displays. So, how can we improve the clarity of full color LED displays?
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Below, we will roughly analyze it.
Firstly, improve the contrast of full-color LED displays. Contrast is one of the key factors affecting visual effects. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching the image, and the more vivid and vibrant the colors. High contrast is very helpful for the clarity, detail representation, and grayscale level representation of images. In some text and video displays with large black and white contrast, high contrast full-color LED displays have advantages in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity, and other aspects. Contrast has a greater impact on the display effect of dynamic videos, as the brightness conversion in dynamic images is faster. The higher the contrast, the easier it is for the human eye to distinguish this conversion process.
In fact, the improvement of contrast in full-color LED displays mainly involves increasing the brightness of the display and reducing the surface reflectivity of the screen. However, the higher the brightness, the better. On the contrary, it can have the opposite effect. Light pollution has become a hot topic nowadays, and excessive brightness can have an impact on the environment and people. The full color LED display screen LED panel and LED light-emitting tube undergo special processing, which can reduce the reflectivity of the LED panel and improve the contrast of the full color LED display screen.
Secondly, increase the grayscale level of full-color LED display screens. The grayscale level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished from the darkest to the brightest in a single primary color of a full-color LED display screen. The higher the grayscale level of a full-color LED display screen, the richer the colors, and the more vibrant the colors are; On the contrary, the display color is single and the changes are simple. The increase in grayscale level can greatly enhance color depth, resulting in a geometric increase in the display hierarchy of image colors. The LED grayscale control level is between 14bit and 16bit, which enables high-end display products to achieve world advanced levels in image hierarchy resolution details and display effects. With the development of hardware technology, LED grayscale levels will continue to evolve towards higher control accuracy.
Finally, reducing the dot spacing of full-color LED displays can greatly improve their clarity. The smaller the dot spacing of full-color LED displays, the more delicate their display will be. However, this requires mature technology as the core support, which has a relatively high investment cost and produces full-color LED display screens at a relatively high price. Fortunately, the market is also developing towards small pitch LED display screens.
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