To improve display effect, LED display screen needs to “take a shower”

Do LED display screens need to be cleaned? The answer is affirmative, and cleaning is necessary both before and after installation, which is a very important step. After a certain period of operation, LED display screens may accumulate dust and other debris that can affect the display. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the display screen can prevent unclear, mosaic, and color deviation during operation, extend its service life, and improve the quality of use. So, what are the precautions during the cleaning process?
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1、 Cleaning of LED module semi-finished products
When the LED module is only a semi-finished product without a kit, it needs to be cleaned with specialized board washing water. After dipping the LED module in some board washing water, it can be brushed with a brush to accelerate the dissolution of rosin and the detachment of flux, remove dust and impurities. This step of cleaning is completed by the manufacturer.
2、 Cleaning of LED electronic display screens after installation
After installing the LED digital display screen for a period of time, dust and impurities may accumulate. In order to not affect the display effect of the display screen, it is necessary to clean the surface of the LED display screen with clean water or water mixed with cleaning agents such as detergent. Note that only the surface of the LE display screen can be cleaned, and special care should be taken during cleaning to avoid getting the cleaning water onto the back of the LED module. This step of cleaning can be carried out by the manufacturer during after-sales maintenance, or by the customer themselves.
Taking a bath for your LED display screen is a simple and easy task, but it can greatly help maintain and stabilize the display effect of the LED display screen.
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