The most comprehensive application areas of LED display video walls

The widespread demand for LED display screens is mainly due to their high-definition color display screens, strong three-dimensional sense, static like oil painting and dynamic like movie characteristics, as well as their advantages of being widely combined with intelligent devices, quickly occupying some fields of production and life, and starting to launch attacks in more fields. So, In which fields are LED display screens being applied? What areas will be developed in the future? Please take a look at the following inventory:
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1、 Outdoor advertising market
(1) Street advertising billboard
Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield for LED displays, and with advertisers increasingly focusing on the audience’s feelings, the promotion and application of products such as small pitch LED displays and smart advertising machines have enabled LED products to occupy the forefront market of outdoor advertising.
(2) Gas station
Gas stations have the advantages of wide coverage, large audience size, and good audience economic conditions, which is destined to bring greater marketing value through LED screens and better meet the needs of advertisers. In the future, gas stations will be a promising market in the LED display screen industry.
(3) Community media
The community LED display screen can be synchronously broadcasted by the central platform software, which can scroll and play real-time community life information such as weather, urban emergency information, public service advertisements, commercial advertisements, and life services, providing convenience for residents and spreading valuable information. As technology matures and prices further decrease, The application of LED displays in community media is also increasing.
(4) Architectural curtain wall
According to statistics, the total area of modern glass curtain walls in China has exceeded 70 million square meters, and such a huge amount of glass curtain walls is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising. With the advancement of building media technology, this will be a new blue ocean for LED display screens to break through in the market.
2、 Exhibition Stage Market
(1) Stage
The LED display screen allows the performance stage to achieve a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, while also allowing distant audiences to watch the stage, adding color to the performance. And with the increasing number of small-scale performances and large-scale concerts, LED display screens will also have a broad market.
(2) Hotel rental
In recent years, there has been a clear trend in the hotel industry, with more and more conferences, resulting in a booming LED display rental market. Even some star rated hotels are considering installing fixed LED displays.
(3) Bar \ KTV
The application of LED irregular screens in bars has become an undeniable niche market, from the initial simple design to the perfect combination of LED display screens on stage and lighting, and then to the widespread use of various irregular screens. Product representative: LED DJ table.
(4) Amusement venues
With the booming tourism industry, public amusement parks such as theme parks and amusement parks are also inclined to use LED display screens as devices to display various information, so they are expected to become the preferred display devices in these places.
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