What should be noted when purchasing small pitch LED displays?

In actual purchasing, users should consider factors such as their own costs, needs, and application scope. Before purchasing a small pitch LED display, first determine if a small pitch is really needed. This should be determined based on the actual situation.
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1、 “Low brightness and high gray” is a prerequisite
As a display terminal, small pitch LED screens must first ensure viewing comfort. Therefore, when choosing, the primary concern is brightness. Related studies have shown that in terms of human visual acuity, As an active light source, LED has twice the brightness of passive light sources (projectors and LCD displays). To ensure comfortable viewing for the human eye, the brightness range of small pitch LED screens can only be between 100 cd/m2 and 300 cd/m2.
2、 When selecting point spacing, pay attention to balancing “effect and technique”
Conventional LED screens aim to achieve good visual effects, with some viewing distances and small pitch LED screens being the same. Users can make simple calculations by viewing distance=point spacing/0.3~0.8, for example, the viewing distance of P2 small pitch LED screen is about 6 meters away.
3、 When choosing a resolution, pay attention to the combination with the “front-end signal transmission equipment”
The smaller the dot spacing of a small pitch LED screen, the higher the resolution, resulting in higher image clarity. In practical operation, if users want to build a good small pitch LED display system, they should not only focus on the resolution of the screen itself, but also consider its compatibility with front-end signal transmission products.
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