Matters needing attention when purchasing LED display screen for lease

Through decades of development, many LED display manufacturers have appeared, but various manufacturers, large and small, have mixed good and bad. Especially after the “closure tide” in recent years, LED display manufacturers have fought a bidding war, and the company’s profit margin has reached the bottom. Thus, consumers are very worried about the quality of goods. How to choose LED display rental screen manufacturers has become a headache for consumers. Here are three aspects that the author should pay attention to when purchasing display screens.

1、 LED light
As for the LED full-color display screen, the LCD light tube can be said to be the most important part of all display equipment, and its cost can usually account for half or even 70% of the cost. Therefore, when the construction party lists the plan to the customer, it usually writes the equipment of the display equipment and so on. This side usually includes the brand, size, and related products of the pipe core. Alas, originally mentioned here, the first mystery appeared. As for the tube core on the market now, although its function may not be much worse. However, different brands offer different prices. Therefore, in understanding the plan, regardless of the equipment. We also need to think about the characteristics of the brand.
2、 LED display steel structure
As for the display structure, its proportion in the total cost is basically the same as that of the drive mode. But in terms of equipment, they also have rich knowledge. For example, on the box of equipment, some equipment are simple cases, while some appear simple but waterproof cases. As for different types, their differences are mainly reflected in whether they have a back door and the thickness of the box.
In addition, there are many differences in the selection of the structure, whether the modular splicing is selected or the lamp board is directly fixed on the box board. If it is modular, it is easier to disassemble, so it is easier to repair. If the box board is directly fixed, it will obviously improve the protection difficulty of the equipment.
3、 After sales service
The after-sales service of LED display devices is usually the place we simply ignore. Maybe a lot of users will think that they just need to adjust things, and they still need to look at the after-sales service. And sometimes the dealers tell us what our equipment is good. After sales is just like the layout. As a result, the after-sales service has become a shop layout. However, in fact, because LED is difficult to disassemble and has high technical content, it is obviously more important than ordinary electrical equipment in the after-sales link.

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