Our P1.25 small pitch led wall is supporting Turkey TV station.

This P1.25 fine pitch led display adopts the design scheme of full front maintenance magnetic suction. The whole box is only 60mm thick, and the single box is only 6kg. It fully follows the design concept of light and thin front maintenance, and there is no need to reserve back maintenance channel, which greatly saves maintenance space.

P1.2 led wall

The proportion design of golden visual proportion 16:9 is adopted to achieve point to point restoration of the display image and high refresh and high gray level display, so that the display image is more delicate and realistic without compression and deformation.

The dual backup display system design also enables the screen to achieve the effect of never black screen, no flash screen, and stable display. In the design of the box, many factors such as maintenance mode and cost are taken into consideration, making it easy to maintain, install and have a high cost performance ratio, which has been praised by many customers.

LED display screen can change different scenes according to the program content, which is convenient for program collocation. It becomes an important part of all kinds of programs, and creates the background effect required by all kinds of programs. It is characterized by its colorful, grand display effect, strong visual impact, flexible combination, etc

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