structural description of indoor/outdoor LED display screens

LED display screens are divided into graphic display screens and video display screens, both composed of LED unit boards. The graphic display screen can synchronously display Chinese characters, English text, and graphics with the computer; The video display screen is controlled by a computer and broadcasts various information in a real-time, synchronous, and clear manner, with both text and images. It can also display 2D and 3D animations, videos, TV, VCD programs, and live events. Simply put, an LED display screen is composed of several display units (unit display board or unit display box) that can be combined and assembled to form the screen body, plus a set of appropriate controllers (main control board or control system). So various specifications of display boards (or unit boxes) can be combined with controllers of different control technologies to form many types of LED displays to meet the needs of different environments and display requirements.

outdoor stage led screens
LED displays can be classified based on the following conditions:
1. LED display screens are divided into indoor LED display screens and outdoor LED display screens according to their usage environment.
2. LED display screens are divided into single primary color LED display screens, dual primary color LED display screens, and full color LED display screens according to their display colors.
3. LED display screens can be divided into 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 grayscale LED display screens, etc.
4. LED display screens are divided into text LED display screens, graphic LED display screens, synchronous video LED display screens, TV video LED display screens, and market LED display screens based on their display performance.
Let’s take a complex synchronous video LED display screen as an example and carefully decompose it to understand its structure.
1. Screen frame part
Indoor screens are generally composed of aluminum alloy (angle aluminum or aluminum square tubes) as the inner frame, equipped with various circuit boards such as display boards and switch power supplies. The outer frame is made of brown aluminum alloy square tubes, or aluminum alloy coated with stainless steel, or sheet metal integration. The outdoor screen frame is generally composed of angle steel or I-beam according to the size and load-bearing capacity of the screen body, and the outer frame can be decorated with aluminum plastic panels.
2. Display unit board (module)
This is the main part of the display screen, composed of luminescent materials and driving circuits. Indoor screens are various specifications of unit display boards, while outdoor screens are unit boxes.
3. Main control system (including software)
The function is to buffer, grayscale transform, reorganize, and generate various control signals for the input RGB digital video signal.
4. Switching power supply (220V to 5V conversion)
The purpose is to convert 220V AC power into various DC power to supply various circuits.

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