How to make LED display screen fit in the hot summer

With the arrival of summer, we are particularly concerned about LED displays. For LED displays, in addition to lightning protection, we also need to pay attention to the high temperature weather in summer, especially outdoor weather LED displays. Some provinces and cities sometimes have outdoor temperatures as high as 38 degrees Celsius in summer, and the LED display screen is still working, so is it dangerous for the LED display screen to be baked at high temperatures? Summarized the following three points to explain how LED display screens pass through high temperatures in summer.

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1: Excellent material selection
The LED display screen is composed of a mask, circuit board, and bottom shell, and the waterproof adhesive used for fireproof and moisture-proof LED displays is also an important component of the LED display screen. The mask and bottom shell are made of quality certified flame retardant PC fiberglass material. The circuit board is sprayed with black three proofing paint to prevent weathering, corrosion, etc.
2: Solve heat dissipation issues
The larger the area of the LED display screen, the greater the amount of electricity used and the more obvious the heat generation. In addition, the summer sunshine is strong, the external temperature is high, and heat dissipation is difficult.
To solve the heat dissipation problem, it is necessary to adjust the external design and internal structure of the LED display screen, adopt a hollow design, and design a high-density and high-precision circuit board. The interior adopts a micro distance transparent design, which does not generate accumulated rain and does not pose a risk of short circuit of wires. No fan, reducing circuit load, combining inside and outside to achieve heat dissipation effect.
3: Installation specifications
LED display screens belong to high-power electrical appliances and are prone to short circuits. However, the quality of the display eliminated short circuits from the wires to the structure. However, a little carelessness and negligence during the installation process may cause unexpected hazards. To ensure that the manufacturer guides the entire installation process to ensure positive and negative pole connections, secure circuit connections, and remove flammable materials around the LED display screen. And regularly arrange professional technical personnel to inspect the LED display screen.

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