Why is your LED advertising video screen blurring

Many people do not know how to solve the problem of screen stuttering on LED screens, as they are worried that they may accidentally touch which switch, causing the problem to become more serious. In fact, there are many reasons why LED large screens cannot display properly. Here, I have conducted some relevant analysis on the causes of LED large screen flicker and believe that the following are the reasons for its occurrence:
If the LED screen has just been installed and powered on, most of the reasons are because the scanning settings of the LED software control card are incorrect, and on the other hand, it is not inserted correctly.led display panels advertising (1)
2. If you find a blurred screen after using it for a period of time, most of the reason is a control card malfunction. The cause of the control card malfunction is damage to the LED chip or power supply due to screen water seepage.

If you want to solve this problem, you can try to answer the DVI interface display and observe whether the DVI output signal of the following graphics card is normal. Because some led display manufacturers’ Graphics card are still very good. I know that the DVI interface resolution of a typical Lingxingyu card is 1024 * 862. The reason for the large LED screen again may also be due to issues with the graphics card and driver. If it is really a problem with the graphics card and the driver, we recommend that the debug button on the receiving card replace the network cable of the receiving card behind the large LED screen to check whether the scanning of the display box is normal.

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