What are the characteristics of full color LED display screens on stage

The characteristic of a full color LED display screen is that it can provide a rich and colorful performance led stage screen background, because its display screen size is large, and the interface content is very bright, so it can give people a sense of being in person.
As is well known, full color LED displays are widely used in cultural performance themed activities, and the enormous practical effects in stage performances have long been applied to life. The performance stage screen allows for live streaming, slow action reviews of exciting scenes, close-up shots, and the creation of a unique environmental atmosphere. It not only fully embodies the poetic essence of performance, but also amplifies the real interface with the actual effects of exciting songs, creating a magnificent and technological scene; And it can also bring a super clear live game interface, bringing people to visit the audio-visual feast.

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Due to the fact that full color LED display screens belong to electronic devices and a portion of their key raw materials are also combustible materials, power supplies, cables, and cables are used. Combustible equipment such as IC and connecting devices can reduce equipment failure rates and reduce the probability of full-color LED displays catching fire; Technically speaking, technical professionals need to provide installation, specific guidance, and inspection of LED displays to prevent problems from occurring; Remove flammable and combustible materials near the LED display to avoid LED display fires caused by nearby fire safety hazards.

How to maintain a full color LED display screen?
1. When using the touchpad, it is necessary to keep both hands clean and dry to prevent inaccurate cursor positioning.
2. If the surface is accidentally dirty, wipe the touch pad surface with a dry cloth, then wipe the surface, do not use a thick cloth to wipe the surface.
3. A touchpad is a finely tuned electronic component that cannot be used with sharp objects on its surface or under pressure to avoid damage.

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